A bit about me

Where Marketing crosses Design - that is where I am at.  Recently I achieved the CIM status of Chartered Marketer although have a passion for all things creative which is in essence my background.

I've really started to get into photography and if you check my Flickr you'll see there aren't many situations or subjects I won't snap!  Particularly I love to take panoramics, night shots, action shots and of course 'capturing a moment' whatever that may be.

From a structured point of view I'm a purist that "form" should follow "function" and apply that to all information design, user experience, branding & corporate identity I am involved in, at least in the business world.  Of course the rules are there to be broken - if you know what they are but... what is the point of making something pretty which doesn't actually work?

I have a keen interest in Formula 1 and have attended testing days the last couple of years in Valencia and Barcelona.  A great opportunity to get the DSLR out and take photographs of my favourite cars and drivers in the world.

At 6ft 4ins power walking comes naturally but take every opportunity to get on my mountain bike for some off piste cycling.  I can't resist world travel and plan to visit most countries at some point.  Of course when England are playing as a born and bred Londoner I'll be supporting them in just about everything - even in the tough times!

I'm party to fine foods & like the odd quality beer!  I also love dance music and like mixing music particularly Hardcore from the early 90's and Trance from the early 00's :-)